Online O Level Tutor

Online O Level Tutor

We have a subject specialist team of Online O level tutors. All our online O Level tutors are highly professional. They teach in Cambridge certified and registered schools like the beacon house school system, the city school system, roots international school system, benchmark school and Supernova school Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

Teaching methode of Online O level Tutors

Our professional o level online tutors teach students from Cambridge, Edexcel, AQA recommended books and notes prepared by them. Our specialized O level online tutors provide students with assessments and quizzes to sharpen their knowledge and concepts. After completing the syllabus, our o level online tutors help students solve topical and yearly past papers.

Tuition Fee for O level online tutors

Our tuition fee structure is flexible for parents. The monthly tuition fee for O Level online tutors starts from Pkr 20,000 / per subject.
Online tuition fee also varies because of tutors’ experience and the number of days a week.

What is O Level?

O Level is an internationally recognized course conducted by Cambridge IGCSE and GCSE ( United Kingdom ).
Fourteen- and sixteen-year-olds from all over the world enrol, and the course paves the way for Cambridge Advanced Levels.
This system is designed for countries around the world; not only children in countries whose primary language is English can do it, but also those who speak another language can do it quickly. International students also choose this curriculum to prepare for the standard. Who goes on to serve themselves better.
This curriculum consists of many subjects. This curriculum aims to solve problems, stimulate creative thinking, and show the best performance in practical life.
Subjects For O Level
Cambridge GCSE and IGCSE offer a wide range of subjects for o levels like accounting, Arabic, agriculture, arts and design, Bengali, biology, business studies, biblical studies, Bangladesh studies, business studies, computer science, chemistry, commerce, information technology, design and communication, English language, economics, environmental management, french, food and nutrition, fashion and textiles, geography, global perspective, history, Hinduism, Islamiyat, Islamic studies, English literature, mathematics, mathematics D, marine science, physics, Pakistan studies, religious studies, science, Sinhala, sociology, statistics, Setswana, travel and tourism, Tamil and Urdu.

Exams & Assessments Procedure

The examination begins at the end of the course and includes written verbal and practical assessments. This exam offers students a variety of modes to show their understanding and skillfulness, especially when their first language is not English.
Grades are awarded using six internationally accepted grades, from A* to E, with specific policies to describe the benchmark of accomplishment.
Cambridge O Level examination happens two times a year, in June and November. Results are issued in August and January.

Sample papers.

Go to the Cambridge O Level subjects page and choose your subject to find them.
Cambridge tutors can download a much wider choice of syllabus materials from our password-protected School Support Hub.